About Seven Days of Positive

Maggie Alderson by Derek HendersonThis started when a friend put me up for the Seven Days Positive challenge on Facebook. I enjoyed it so much I soon found I was on Day 11…

Like everyone (and particularly creative people – in real life I’m a novelist), I’m given to attacks of the blue meanies, but I have found doing this exercise every day, even when things went wrong, nothing really happened, or I had a nasty ear infection, made me feel generally happier.

It became a fun project to find something great in each day to share. I wake up looking forward to doing it and so far I’ve always found something.

I’m not a new age Pollyanna suggesting that positive thinking is a cure for all ills – certainly not for clinical depression, counting your blessings then can just add guilt to the misery – but as a tool to have you skipping through life with a new spring in your step, it really works.

Why not give it a go? Start with seven days and see where it takes you…


15 thoughts on “About Seven Days of Positive

  1. Love it, love it. Love the beautifully edited stream of consciousness. Love that I now feel quite uplifted. And love that there is a new book in the wind (just read a couple of your old ones again – glorious alternative to doing another round of tax).

    And just maybe, this will move me onto writing my own blog. Big thanks XX


    • Thanks Jane. I find the other blog quite laborious to do, because it takes hours finding the pictures, so I thought this one would be simpler and I could do it more regularly – plus I am really getting a lot out of this exercise. It’s very interesting. Sounds like New Age clap trap, but it has an effect. It’s a focus shift. x


      • Earlier, clutching our G&Ts, we sat outside while the sun set. For the first time in ages, because of your new blog, I appreciated what I could hear and see: a Gru-like heron perched on a gum tree, waiting for a tasty frog. Four new ducklings being chivvied by their parents around the dam. The strange tiny flies dancing like champagne bubbles over the daffodils.

        It’s pretty much about being in the moment, isn’t it? So much healthier than my usual grim review of the day’s events, world and local…


  2. What a great idea. (I’m not on Facebook, so hadn’t heard of it.) Yesterday I saw a guy in a shopping centre with great big headphones on bopping along like he was at a head-banging concert, completely oblivious to anyone else. Joyous. It made me think how important it is to LOOK for the joy in life as it’s all around us all the time if we want to see it. Lately I’ve taken any opportunity to walk beside the ocean, walk in the bush, convene with nature, catch a couple of kangaroos being kangaroos, watch children play, sit in the sun, write, read, have a long bath, chat to friends – and I feel 100% better. Thanks, Maggie, for making me realise that. Keep it up. Really looking forward to reading your new blog every day. Challenge!

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    • Brilliant – you totally get it and you’re already doing it. I sometimes feel like a bit of a fraud that it makes it sound my whole life is perfect which it SO isn’t (no one’s is….), but by concentrating on the JOY exactly as you say, you can surf the tough stuff much more confidently. x


  3. I have to do a lot of positive thinking about blow ups with my 17 year old daughter. The line between safety and independence is an interesting one. But I love that she took herself off to the Climate Change rally in Melbourne the other day, that she has been doorknocking for the Greens and that she appreciated a meal out with us last night (Saturday night, no less!).


  4. Maggie – thanks for the inspiration! A propos the fantastic 90++ year old yoga lady – you might like to have a look at the ‘Hip Operation Crew’ from New Zealand – they truly are inspirational oldies!

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