Day 69

This is the day I’ve known for a while would have to happen – it’s time for me to integrate this blog, with my original one.

Some time soon, it will all be happening within my original website, revamped and revved up, but the first stage is to ask all of you lovely people, if you wouldn’t mind reading this in future on the other blog.

I’ll put the link at the end and in the first few days of the changeover I’ll remind you with a daily post on here.

I still plan to keep this up, but it’s bonkers to being doing it on a separate blog when I already have one well established.

I only started this one as an experiment, but it’s turned out to be so enjoyable, I want to carry on, so I hope in future you’ll carry on reading (and commenting, I love your comments) in the other place.

So for Day 69, please click on this:


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