Day 68

IMG_4103Today was a good doing day.

I got on with lots of things I needed to do, like wrapping up an important present, then making it into a satisfying parcel and taking it to the post office.

I wrote a thing I’ve been thinking about for a thing it and I was happy with how it came out and sent it off to the person. I hope the thing happens.

I walked past my lovely local pub (the previously mentioned Crown) and noticed they were having a Christmas craft bee.

IMG_4107Those decorations will be jolly.


I discovered the crosswords on The Hoopla web site and have immediately become obsessed with them. The great thing is it tells you how quickly you’ve done it. There is nothing like being in competition with myself to get me fired up.

I lit the fire.

I made a chicken pie, including the puff pastry (thank you Nigella Lawson for the brilliant food processor puff pastry recipe, I never buy frozen now). This is the last one I made, but it was the same deal.

ballet 2 2577

My husband and daughter ate the whole thing.

I went to a meeting of the campaign group I’m on, called Save Ecclesbourne Glen.

It was a really good meeting, with three great new committee members who are bringing a lot of brilliant new ideas to the cause. I left feeling quite optimistic we might be able to put this disaster right.

I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow as well and I’m looking forward to cracking on with it all. Doing is living.

7 thoughts on “Day 68

  1. I love reading your blog everyday. I have just resigned from my job of 15 years to spend more time with my three children. I am feeling terrified and excited and somehow reading your missive every day makes me feel calmer about what is ahead. It is like having a chat with an old friend. You are ace, keep it up.


    • Thanks SO much Kate. And what perfect timing… I was just thinking as I posted that one, Is this really BORING? so it means a lot that you enjoy the minutiae of life I describe. I’m not trying to pretend my life is faaaaaabulous – it is sometimes, like last Friday – but not all the time. I’m trying to be a bit of an antidote to that style of me me me blogging, while keeping a positive spirit. Well done making such a big decision. I don’t think you will regret it – you’ll certainly have plenty to do! x


  2. I hope your Elizabeth Bay friend loves the present. One of my favourite spots in Sydney.

    I am still in the process of establishing a blog (I am a bit slow) and the original name I tried for was “a few of my favourite things”. and variations on the theme – I think “brown paper packages” was already taken.

    Reading this post has made me all excited again about having a northern hemisphere Christmas – the first one in six years. Enduring memories from then are walking up the main drag in Windsor to be greeted with mince pies at the post office, sitting by the Thames at midnight on Christmas Eve to ring family and friends back here and (to be re-enacted this year) carols in St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

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  3. It’s certainly not boring- for me it is like listening to a friend talking about her day to day stuff and I find it soothing and real.

    I must look up that Nigella puff pastry recipe- puff pastry is something I have never tried. I make shortcrust and have recently discovered that making pizza dough and naan bread in the Kitchenaid is a doddle and so much better than ready made. I’m toying with the pasta making attachment although the YouTube vids make it look a bit scary.


  4. Pastry was the last food group I was scared of and Nigella, in her wonderful confiding ‘voice’ admits in one of her books that she felt the same – that she used to avoid recipes which demanded making it. Then she discovered that with about 3 whizzes of the processor and bit of iced water, you’re pretty much done. I never buy frozen now and it makes me feel like a real mum that I make pies with my own pastry, because that’s what my mother used to do xxx


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