Day 67

Well, it had to happen and last night was the first time I’ve missed a post for 67 days. After some thought I’ve decided to call this post Day 67, as it is the 67th one I’ve written, rather than the one written on the 68th day since I started. I hope that makes sense.

I didn’t feel bad about missing one, because after a week of travelling, intense emotion and even the odd bit of work, followed by dinner with four friends in a restaurant so ear blisteringly noisy we had to bolt our food and run to my house to recover, I was just exhausted.

This morning I allowed myself to stay in bed until 11am, which is a rare treat.

I watched three episodes of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners back to back, which was heaven, until I couldn’t stand it and had to get up and bleach clean my bathroom.

It looks so much better.

I assembled and wrapped a 50th birthday present for one of my very very dearest friends which is so perfect for her, I was nearly hyperventilating with excitement as I did it.

I’m gutted I won’t be in Sydney to see her open it, so I’m thinking of asking her husband to film the moment for me.

I roasted a chicken.

I helped my daughter do her ballet ‘homework’ which is to study the arms in The Dying Swan. I was thrilled to find this video of Natalia Makarova dancing the role.

It moved me to tears, as this piece always does. We’ve both been practising our swan arms ever since. It’s hard.

4 thoughts on “Day 67

    • Wow that’s amazing. My daughter is desperate to get onto pointe and it will be happening within the year, but I feel very conflicted about her beautiful feet. My mother ruined her feet dancing en pointe, so I wasn’t allowed to do it… She will LOVE watching that, thanks so much.


      • Glad you loved it. I co authored a paper on the relationship between ballet dancers, injury and their pointe shoes. Found some similar rituals. I only did 5 mins of pointe and it hurt so much! Hope your daughter will enjoy it as much as we have.


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