Day 66

IMG_4072What could be better? Three of your absolutely favourite girlfriends, lots of champagne and the Savoy Hotel… Pretty much nothing by my reckoning.

About once a year Kathy Lette, Josephine Fairley (above), Catherine Mayer and I manage to synchronise our diaries for a meeting at the legendary London hotel. This year joined by new pal Jane Memmler.

It’s always a riot, with every clan gathering feeling like we’ve just seen each other the night before, even though it’s always months (although I see Jo a lot, because we live three streets apart).

Oh the stories, oh the laughs… with one high point for me this year being Jo saying to the waiter: ‘I need to eat something salty…’


Left to right: Catherine, me, Jane , Kathy, Jo


Now I’ve got the next meet up to look forward to.

Not that they will be entirely absent from my life until then – and I don’t mean just the shared laughs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve got Kathy’s latest book Courting Trouble to read at Christmas.


Catherine’s new one – a biography of Prince Charles, written with unprecedented access to the subject, called Born To Be King – is out in February.


And regular emails from Jo’s new business, The Perfume Society, with its gorgeous e-magazine The Scented Letter, keep me up to date on everything fabulous and fascinating in the world of fragrance.


I love my gal pals.

2 thoughts on “Day 66

  1. Thanks for sharing such a joyous time. I know now which book(s) to get for plane reading and of course anyone responsible for Green and Black chocolate has to be excellent company.

    I just finished talking to my friend Kaye. Last weekend we had a cast of thousands here (it just felt like that) when 2 of the ‘boys’ my husband shared a house with in North London back in the 80s came for dinner. Kaye was also a frequent visitor back then as in 1985 I had met her in London the night before we took off for Austria for a long stay with snow and other delights. That was also when I met my now husband. Anyway – Kaye, my husband, our two lovely girls and I are all going to be in Austria in a few weeks for a 30th reunion. Much champagne will be inhaled.

    Your lovely photo made me think of how lucky it is to have long standing friends who totally get you.


    • When I was young I didn’t understand how important old friends would be as I got older – so I was lucky that Jo and Kathy are particularly talented at keeping their friends close. I live a few doors down from a lovely guy I met on my first day of uni and I really cherish that bond now. xxx


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