Day 62

I went to the BSME Awards. This is the equivalent of the Oscars for the magazine world (it stands for the British Society of Magazine Editors).

There are other magazine awards, but these are the ones which really count for editors, because they are judged by retired editors and other grandees of the industry,

Twenty five years ago I won one (Best Editor, Colour Supplements, when I was editing the Evening Standard magazine ES) and it remains one of the things I’m proudest of in my whole life.

This year I got to be a judge which was also a great honour and it was a hoot to go to the awards dinner again, which is always a really fun night.

I had a great time catching up with lots of old pals and making some new ones, including Fiona Gibson, the former editor of Just Seventeen mag, who is now an author – and also published by Harper Collins, which is almost like being related.

As well as a slap up dinner, there was a performance by the wonderful singer Rumer. If you haven’t heard her, listen to Slow – it’s so so beautiful.

Man, can she sing… the tone, the nuance. It really puts the flipping X Factor in perspective.

Later there was another musical moment from a new singer songwriter called Jack Savoretti. He’s ridiculously romantic looking – cheekbones you could sharpen a knife on – and very talented. I’m sure he’s destined for greatness.

But the person who made a really big impression on me was the presenter,
TV personality Richard Bacon.

How has he never crossed my radar before? (Maybe because I don’t want much television…). He’s so funny, so confident and so flipping handsome, in a slightly quirky way.

He’s exactly how I imagine the romantic leads in my books to be. I’m desperate to put a picture of him on here, but I’m writing it on my iPad for the first time and I don’t know how to do that on on here.

When I get home, I will. He has a little mannerism of biting his lip, which is absolutely devestating.

Hot dog.


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