Day 63

I’ve had the most perfect day.

I stayed up in London after the awards dinner last night and the logistics of the next couple of days meant I had to stay there before coming to my brother’s place, near Oxford, this evening.

A whole day in London, without an agenda… what a treat.

I did some Christmas shopping. I walked around Soho, Regent’s Street, Bond Street. I went to the Anselm Keifer exhibition at the Royal Academy… it was bliss.

I bought my Christmas cards, I swooned over gowns in the windows of Burberry and Alexander McQueen and the jewels in Graff.

I don’t aspire to own jewels, but I do like looking at them, marvelling at the wonder of nature and imagining who might buy them and who might wear them. Rarely, still, the same person, I fear.

There were the most extraordinary emerald drop earrings – the size of almonds – and they were clip ons! Imagine losing one…

It was such an untold luxury to have time, nothing to lug around (I left it all where I was staying in Soho) and no particular place to go.

My final errand was taking my watch into Watches of Switzerland’s glam new shop on Regent Street, to book a service.

The delightful young man who served me – hi, Ludovic – made me feel like a minor member of the royal family. It was so very nice.

They offer you coffee while you wait. So civilised.

For some reason I can’t make the photos from my phone jump into this iPad like they’re supposed to, which is so annoying, because I took some great ones.

But if you pop onto my Instagram account you will see my whole day in videos and snaps. I got some corkers. I’m @maggiealderson

3 thoughts on “Day 63

  1. I’m dreaming of a day or two to myself in London next month. We’re in Windsor for Christmas, but in the lead up I think I’m entitled to go and do the things I enjoy, without enduring the grizzling… It is a lovely feeling, being able to choose! I want to do some serious junk hunting, go and stand in Liberty, bask in some of the glory that is the V&A, even pay a visit to Sir John Soane’s house, which I’ve never quite managed before. And walk along the Embankment in rush hour, feeling like a Londoner.


    • You will love it… Liberty is very special these days, even more so, which is saying something. Selfridges also great, but for actually buying things Fenwick is my personal one-stop shop. Also Zara, ha ha. Ny favourite one is at the bottom of Regent Street, so that’s a nice circular walk and you can take in Dover Street Market in your loop back to Bond Street. Although I stroll through Burlington Arcade never goes amiss. And there’s Hatchards… and Fortnums…. AAAAH so much glory xxx


      • Thanks for the great tips, Maggie. Chloe will make sure we go to Zara. I wasn’t going to mention Fortnum’s because I just tend to drool in there.I used to love going into the Burlington Arcade back in the 80s. And I will hit Dover Street Market. Ah, Liberty: I wish Yasmin Sewell was still there. Not that I’m name dropping (!), but I taught her in Sydney as a gloriously dainty 13 and 14 year old, and have adored seeing her gorgeousness unfold.

        I must admit I am seriously tempted to stay on for a couple more weeks, justified as a ‘buying trip’…


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