Day 61


I bought a new saucepan. I’ve been soldiering on with a really annoying one I bought years ago which was never very good, but it felt profligate to just chuck it out and buy a new one.

I was so pleased when the handle fell off on Friday.

The replacement is really nice stainless steel with a good heavy bottom (great for sauces) and a glass lid.

And £10 from TK Maxx, so that was a bonus.

I didn’t buy the Christmas jumper I saw in there a few days ago, but I did buy another one. Grey with white Breton stripes and Chanel earring style pearl buttons on the shoulder by Clements Ribeiro.


It’s much nicer than it looks in this crappy photo. I bought it big and push up the sleeves. So much of styling is in the little details of how you wear a garment, not just what you put together.

My daughter is already wearing her Christmas jumper.

I mentioned 1980s Levis jeans commercials when I was writing my column this afternoon, which sent me off watching them again. Nick Kamen taking of his kecks in the launderette. Love all that.

I found this one, which I’d never seen before. I’ve been obsessed with Bruce Lee since I went to see Enter the Dragon with my dad in 1974, so there’s nothing I can find to not love in this either.

I’m a little concerned whether I’m going to be able to post over the next two days. It will be so frustrating to miss one after all this time now, but I’m travelling and not sure what the internet access will be like – or whether I will be able to work the WordPress app on my iPad.

So if there’s radio silence you know what’s happened. I’ll still write them though.

2 thoughts on “Day 61

  1. Dear Maggie,
    I have had every intention of being a more frequent commentator as I love your musings on the positive things in life. Sadly life has got in the way but any mention of Bruce Lee compels me to post a reply. I was obsessed with Bruce Lee as a 15 year old. Just obsessed! My girlfriend was as well and I am not sure how in 1974 we were able to find much more about him bar a few magazine articles and seeing a film at the pictures but obsessed we were. It all came to a head when we hatched a plan to find our own ‘real life’ Bruce Lee, so we came up with hanging around the University of Adelaide hoping to catch one of the international students attention. Sadly no one paid us any attention nor did we find any Bruce look alikes!
    I love buying new cookware. I get such a kick out it.
    Kate Bx


    • It’s always nice to meet a fellow traveller! I interviewed Bruce Lee’s son Brandon back in about 1991 and he was so so lovely – and I was so distraught when the alleged curse then got to him. Have you read biographies and stuff (LIKE I HAVE ha ha ha) ? The one I read was brilliant, I think it might have been by his wife. x


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