Day 60


Today was a test. No other way to say it.

I’m going through some stuff, which is tough and I’ll talk about it one day, but hey – I’m not ill, my family are all fine, we are in a lovely warm house and have food in our bellies.

Plus my daughter just said something really funny and minced around in a pair of gold high heels of mine which just about fit her now. Eek.


But even over the course of a challenging day like today, there is always something good to find.

The sun shone. I went to Norman Road in St Leonards, which is a great spot. I had a really superb cup of Illy coffee in one of my favourite cafes, The Little Larder.

For sugar bowls they use old willow pattern cups with sugar lumps in them. Those are the kind of details which make me love a café.


Then I crossed the road and had a look at one of my favourite shops, Shop, where I found these brilliant cards. All real places. I bought a stack of them.

They’re by a company called Lesser Spotted who also do a lot of other really fun things.


I can think of quite a few people I’d like to buy this mug for.


Here is a link the Lesser Spotted website

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