Day 57

imagesMQKDPIQDI have too many clothes. Official.

I’m horribly familiar with just how many I have as I spent most of the day, sorting them, putting away summer stuff and getting out autumn and winter and generally having a good dust and re-organise. It was long overdue.

How can one person have so many T shirts and have a personal relationship with each one? I need a mechanised closet like Cher in Clueless, where you tap in the piece you want and the moving rail brings it to you.

I know I should get rid of half of the whole lot, but I’m just not going to. I don’t see it as a load of old clothes, it’s a collection I’ve spent my whole life assembling.

There are things I will never wear again, like the fab Morrissey Edmiston pieces which were the first clothes I bought when I moved to Sydney in 1993, but am I going to chuck them out? Hell no.

Just looking at them reminds me of those happy happy days of new discoveries. There’s a batik mini skirt I remember wearing with particular fondness. That was my weekend staple.

A glimpse of the black and teal print and I can smell the air driving down the hill to Bondi. Sweet memories.
When she’s a bit older I’ll give it to my daughter, as I will a lot of the vintage and designer pieces, I’m unlikely to wear again myself.

There is also the question of storing the really special vintage pieces which I buy for her when I see them.

They’re not making any more of it. By the time she’s in her 20s it will be getting much rarer.

I have sold quite a bit at my lovely local designer consignment/vintage store The Wardrobe (lookie here: and given a lot away in recent years, but this doesn’t feel like the moment for another cull.

Now with it all stashed and logically filed again, I don’t feel it’s holding me back.

And just in case you wonder if I ever do any work, having all this time for T shirt curation and light bulb filing… My 92 year old mum is staying with me for 10 days and I can’t leave at home on her own while I swan off to my office, or even for that long while I work on the computer at home.

So I’ve given myself a break and using the spare time to do those kind of jobs.

Feels good.

Someone just put this on Twitter and it has really made my day…

‘First picture back from the comet. We knew it.’


3 thoughts on “Day 57

  1. I hear your reasoning! I don’t have that many t-shirts, but I have A LOT of Frocks. Many of them are archived in their own bags (old sheets refashioned) and then in large lidded plastic tubs with appropriate smelly stuff to ward off evil. I do cull worn out/I’m-tired-of everyday stuff, but the “special” things I keep and nuture. Whether Miss16 will want/appreciate them is yet to be seen. A couple of months ago she did go through The Collection looking for something to wear to a red carpet themed party. While she didn’t end up wearing anything from The Collection, we did have a lot of fun trying them on her and telling the stories behind the pieces.

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    • I have a lot of frocks as well… and shoes… and vintage hats, scarves etc etc. Love the sound of those storage bags and love the sound of that session with your daughter. As they get older those kind of shared moments become really precious, don’t they?


  2. My 17 year old constantly filches her dad’s jumpers and has a very fetching collection of my brother’s sloppy joes from the 80s. I mourn some of the gorgeous things I had in the 70s and 80s: I’m married to a minimalist who despairs of my bower bird nature. He ‘accidentally’ donated a bag full of my 70s clothes to a Rose Bay charity bin many years ago. Not happy!

    Maggie, I love hearing about your lovely mother. I always imagine her as a stylish Sheila Scotter type lady.

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