Day 55

imagesG2XPO1EJ I made the Christmas cake. I’m not at all sure about it, as it seems rather low slung, but with all the goodies that went into it, I can’t see how it won’t taste marvellous.

Especially as I intend to anoint it with brandy at regular intervals between now and the icing moment.

I filed my light bulbs.

It’s one of those jobs that you just never get round to doing and it feels so good to have corralled my ridiculously large collection of light bulbs (the house seems to need so many different kinds) into discreet and tidy groups, so next time I need one I won’t have to take the whole lot out again.

I also established that we had none of the particular ones I need to light my walk-in closet, so that was a very good result, knowing that a future moment of extreme frustration has been averted.

It only took five minutes while I waited for something to boil.


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