Day 52

Today was a landmark day in the British calendar. It’s only the eighth year, but it has already become one of the national Christmas traditions: the John Lewis TV commercial came out.

It’s gained traction every year, reaching a high point four years ago with this gorgeous clip, which the whole country collectively fell in love with.

They followed it the next year with the Snowman and Snowlady, which was equally touching. The accompanying musical track is always divine.

I didn’t like last year’s so much, because it was pure animation and lacked soul, but the soundtrack of Lily Allen singing Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ more than made up for it.

This year’s is an absolute classic.

I admire John Lewis in every regard – the company is a co-operative so all employees get a share of the profits and they give the kind of service which comes with this. They’re proud to work there.

The Oxford Street flagship store is a haven of bourgeois security, a whole department store that gives you that sense of possibility found in stationery shops, haberdashers and hardware stores – I haunt their clothes storage accessories area – and their Waitrose supermarkets are the best in the world.

But their Christmas ads are their crowning glory.

Meet Monty the Penguin.

3 thoughts on “Day 52

  1. Well, I’m now sitting here having a good howl… beautiful! Thanks for posting them. Certainly an incentive for the English Christmas we’ll be having this year (much to my husband’s disgust – growing up over there, he says he’s had enough of the COLD).

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  2. I know! I must have watched it a zillion times and it still works for me… they cast the little boys so brilliantly. I do adore Monty though. Every time it comes on telly the whole family rush to watch. It’s marketing at its absolute best. x


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