Day 51

Pirate GonzoThis morning started before the alarm went off with the unmistakable noise of my darling cat Gonzo being sick in the bedroom.

It sounded like one of his hairball moments so I decided to leave it until after I’d got everyone up, only to go downstairs and find the hallway strewn with black feathers.

I have a proper phobia about dead birds (spiders and snakes? actively love ’em) so I had to get my husband up to deal with the crime scene. And good morning to you.

When I went back upstairs the hairball turned out to be… well, I won’t go there.

After that the day could only get better. The furry murderer has been looking sheepish all day.

Hastings Old Town, where I live, has a fishing fleet which has been setting off from the pebbly beach for 1000 years or more. It’s made up of six families, who have passed the skills down father to son.

Not long after the bird incident, there was a knock on the door and it was a friend of my husband’s who is one of those fishermen – bringing us some plaice he’d just brought in on his boat, all filleted and ready to go. Now, that’s fresh fish.


My crazy fluffy pea coat arrived from Uniqlo. It’s made from roughed up shaggy fleece and is outrageously light and cosy. It does rather feel like wearing your dressing gown in public, but I’ve convinced myself it looks groovy.

There was a biting wind today and I wore it over just a t shirt and was perfectly toasty – and it’s as light as one as their ultra light down jackets, without the slightly cybernaut feeling they give me. They are outrageously practical garments but sail just a little too close to anorak for my comfort.

The fleece pea coat – machine washable, hello? – has a wackiness to it, which I love.

I probably look like a rather chic Womble in it, but I don’t care. Did I mention it was just 20 of your English pounds?




3 thoughts on “Day 51

  1. I do love your new jacket. I wore my fleecy dressing gown to work yesterday – we had a Teddy Bears’ Picnic for the Preps and Ones. Everyone in their pyjamas and fluffy slippers. This set a rather feral note for the rest of the day… Worth it, though.

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  2. I bought my daughter a coat made from the same fabric for winter here in Melbourne (as Uniqlo finally opened here – yay!). Lovely and warm, but watch under the elbows/forearms as the fleece gets kind of matted and then doesn’t pop back up with lots of wear.


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