Day 49

Today I got up, got dressed in groovy clothes (indigo jeans, new sweatshirt, ankle cowboy boots), slapped on the make up, brushed my hair and… left the house. It was lovely out there.

The sky was a big high pressure blue, the sun was shining, I didn’t even have to wear a jacket, which all helped get me out of that door.

But when I came back and looked at the news I was very lowered to hear about those poor horses who died after the Melbourne Cup.

It was such a shock because while I adoooore flat racing, I’ve always boycotted steeplechase because of the cruelty to the horses, so to find out that flat racing is just as bad, was a blinding disappointment.

To comfort myself, I watched this beautiful Hermès video about a dressage horse and his devoted rider. It really brings home the dignity of these magnificent creatures.

How could anyone hurt something so trusting?

And Coco Bongo, what a brilliant name.

Later in the day another video took my fancy, starring one Master Romeo Beckham. I’ve had my eye on him for a while as a future husband for Peggy (although she has actually been betrothed since birth to Deborah Thomas’s son Oscar…).

He’s an appealing little chap. Love that smile.

But the best thing that happened today was my Mary Poppins Moment.

A friend of mine is a very high level nanny. Currently interviewing in London for a new job, she got badly let down and left in the lurch and asked me via Facebook if I knew anyone who was looking for help with the kids, just to tide her over until she got the new gig.

I posted it on Facebook and a friend told a friend and… she starts tomorrow with a lovely family, who live in Belgravia.

I’m going to buy a lottery ticket.

One thought on “Day 49

  1. From my (very) casual observation of the Beckhams, I would say that they do a pretty good job of keeping their children grounded. The children come across as unspoiled which must be quite hard to achieve given the Beckhams celebrity. I don’t have any issue with Romeo being a Burberry model- it’s not as if they are presenting him as anything other than a 12 year old boy – If anything, he comes over as younger than 12 in that video. I particularly love his crooked teeth and the way he still holds his Dad’s hand when out in public.

    It isn’t the same as a 12 year old girl tizzed up to look like an undernourished Lolita, which has been done in plenty of campaigns in the past. Even though I doubt this video would have featured him if he hadn’t been a Beckham, at the end of the day he’s just a nice looking kid who can dance a bit.


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