Day 48



I didn’t leave the house again. There was rain, I had to do tax spreadsheets (it’s all glamour, here…) and my rosacea is so bad, I can’t bear to see anyone. I’ll go out tomorrow, but sometimes I like to be a weird hermit.

The best thing that happened today was that I finally caught up with the first episode of Grayson Perry’s new TV series Who Are You?

The man who went to collect his CBE from Buckingham Palace dressed as his transvestite persona Claire (above), is fast becoming Britain’s Living National Treasure.


I’ve been in love with his brain ever since he did the Reith Lectures last year. His description of the process of gentifrication made me jump up and down clapping in my kitchen. You can download them as podcasts from the BBC website.


He topped that triumph with his TV series Taste, which analysed the British class system and how each caste expresses its values through the things they surround themselves with. It’s nothing short of a masterpiece.


The new show Who Are You? is a study of identity – fascinating from a man who has two himself, Grayson and Claire. He talked to a very wide variety of people about how they define themselves and then made a portrait of them.

He rendered reality TV star Rylan Clark (from X Factor contestant, to winning Celebrity Big Brother, to hosting the Big Brother after show…) as an Elizabethan miniature, which he has called the Earl of Essex. A brilliant double reference, because that’s exactly where Rylan is from.


The fourteen portraits are now being exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery.

Grayson Perry is one of those people who brilliantly puts into words what you’ve been trying to think about things, but haven’t quite been able to form into fully cogent thoughts. Follow him on Twitter @alan_measles, which is the name of his teddy. Of course it is.

I also follow his lovely wife @philippa_perry and his daughter Florence, @FloPerry, so you get the whole fabulosa family including the teddy.


The great joy is I have another episode recorded and read to watch, so that’s tomorrow night sorted.

I don’t know if readers outside the UK will be able to watch the shows, but here’s a link to the Channel 4 website.

7 thoughts on “Day 48

  1. I used to suffer from rosacea really badly, especially during the Autumn and Spring. I visited countless dermatologists, had laser treatment, antibiotics, everything and then one day I found this treatment and it has 99.9% disappeared. I realise that this sounds like a ‘plug’ but really I just know how demoralising it can be and if someone else can benefit… It’s not a very sexy website, but here you go :


      • I was ‘blessed’ with a delightful combination of the two! I can’t tell you the difference using this product has made. I don’t even react anymore when I come in to a blazing fire from a cold walk on a winter’s day. It’s THAT effective. I can even drink red wine! I also only ever use organic soap and water on my face, jojoba oil (as advised by the Rosacea IV people) and the magic discs! Over the couple of years I’ve been using it, I’ve saved an absolute fortune in skincare products, which, despite their promises only served to make my skin worse. Yoga is good too. I was at my wit’s end when I came across this and ordered it fully expecting it wouldn’t work. They reimburse if you’re not satisfied so really nothing to lose…


  2. Oh GOOD. He’s a bloody genius and I just love him. Have you watched all the episodes? we need to have a summit about it. And thank you so so much for putting this new one on your blogola because you seem to be sending me a lot of your varmints for a look xxx ps I’m coming over next year, can we have dinner? In whatever Brisbane hostelry you adore xxx


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