Day 44

breaking bad

This evening I sent the copyedit of my new book back to my (lovely) publisher.

My reward for completing this monumental task (it always takes longer than I think, so I always end up doing panicked 12 hour days…), is to go to bed early and watch several episodes of Breaking Bad, which I am finally catching up on.

Of course I love it and understand what all the fuss is about (a point I never got to with The Wire). It’s brilliant. So interesting, so unexpected.

It has also reminded me of one of my favourite teachers, Mr Boland, who – Like the guy in Breaking Bad – taught chemistry. But of course not at all like him.

I can’t say I related that much to the subject, but Mr Boland had a secret weapon in the form of a Yorkshire terrier puppy called Tuppence.

In every lesson, Tuppence would escape from his bed in Mr Boland’s adjacent office and run round and round the lab to our great joy. Oh how we cheered him.

I’m sure Mr Boland facilitated these great escapes and I will always remember him with the greatest fondness as one of the teachers who broke the tedium. And he never put one of those awful bows on that feisty little dog.


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