Day 39


One of the things I really miss about my old life working on newspapers and magazines is being surrounded by very bright, funny, interesting people all the time.

Most days now, I’m on my own all day. Talking to myself, because that’s how I write. I say all the dialogue out loud.

The afternoon I realised I was making conversation with the nice lady who works on the tills in M&S, because I hadn’t spoken to anyone for six hours, I began to wonder if this is a very healthy way to live.

But while I don’t have smart colleagues around me any more for jokes and proper serious conceptual conversations, I do have the most wonderful friends like that on Twitter.

There are loads of people on there I chat to all the time and we’ve never met, or only once.

Today I’ve talked to @ovationchris, @jillmansell, @nivengovinden, @philippaperry and in a nice bit of circularity, @keithaustin, who is one of the great people I worked with on the Sydney Morning Herald.

I also had three-way laughs with my pals @kathylette and @wendyharmer.

I love Twitter.

And Jill Mansell introduced me to this fabulous Tumblr, Humans of New York.

3 thoughts on “Day 39

  1. I’d go past a store every week day whilst at uni in which a lovely girl worked. Being a Miss have a chat, I would always have a chat with her. I got to know her during that year at uni. She invited me to a makeup party after my end of year exams that year. I went and after the makeup party, her boyfriend and his mates came so we could go out. Met my husband that night, 27 years ago. Am thankful for meeting that lovely shop assistant!

    I bet the M & S assistant is happy to chat. A good friend of mine is a horticulturist and works in a garden/ plant store. Some customers are appalling and she appreciates civility.

    I think connecting with people is wonderful, no matter how it happens. I a.m a social media nerd. I have however joined twitter ( never tweeted thou), Instagram and Facebook. I access tweets, photos and posts, to see the kind, great words by socceroo Tim Cahill, Jerrad Tyson and western sydney wanderers, & all those in the aussie football community after our 9 year old son was seriously injured in a car accident whilst on his way to rep soccer training. Our son and the driver of the car he was in did nothing wrong – their car was hit by a speeding driver doing 170 km in a 70 km zone. Those photos and kind words helped him and we’re forever grateful to them.

    Which leads me to yesterday’s video clip – we all had a laugh! Thankfully uniforms and hairstyles change. Bet our son would do the same!

    Sorry for the delay about this next bit. You’d love my friend who gave me advice about no tv during school week nights. Her mum is English. I’ve asked her to write down for me, all her tips as she’s only given me the tips that worked. I promise to send the tips to you if you’d like. I’d be lost without her great tips ie friends over on one night only etc. She’s raised 2 gorgeous girls, the eldest is our honorary god daughter & she’s in 1st year of uni and we’re godparents to her second daughter.
    Have a great week. Den x


  2. When I don’t speak with anyone for hours and hours, I find that my own voice sounds weird to me when I finally do talk to someone. I reach a point where I have to get out and talk to somebody, anybody, even if it’s joking around with a cashier while buying M&M’s (Peanutbutter Twix, actually).


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