Day 27


Back in February we took the plunge and put a wood-burning stove (like the one in this picture) into our sitting room.

It was a fairly gut-withering investment, coming to about £2000 by the time we could light the thing – and the fire surround still isn’t sorted out, because there are all kind of building regulations about them – but it was so so worth it.

In fact I think it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Now the nights are beginning to cool down and dampen up, we have started lighting it again and almost immediately the room becomes so snug and cosy – and it was always a bit chilly before.

It somehow makes the whole house a bit warmer and will put back the time until we need to put the heating on for a few weeks yet.

I also love the ritual of laying, lighting and tending a fire, partly because we always had them when I was a kid.

Buying my first log basket was a great thrill and made me feel like I was properly a grown up at last.

The other great thing that happened today was my friend from the 80s and 90s fashion front line, Stephanie Turner, posted this video on Facebook.

It brought those days flooding back. These models were so familiar to me, walking past me ten times a day every show season, it feels like seeing old friends again. And I’ve interviewed just about all of them over the years too.

Maybe it’s just because they are ‘my’ era of supermodels, but they look so much more womanly to me than the current incumbents. And more fully beautiful because they have so much personality.

What also really struck me is how undated any of it looks – the clothes, hair, make up, attitude, everything.

A beautiful woman could go out in any of those 25 year old outfits tomorrow and she wouldn’t look like she was wearing vintage.

But my GOD how those women could walk. Inspiring.

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