Day 24


I went to the dentist. Not a very likely reason to be cheerful but it was for me because I have a new dentist and I love him.

This is a big deal because when I was 18 I had a dental trauma on a par with Willy Wonka, which I won’t go into (the blood simply spurted …) and as a result I absolutely dreeeeeeeeeeead the dentist.

One side of my tongue has been numb ever since.

The only one I ever liked was in Sydney and he used to have a telly over the chair I could watch Mr Bean on and the only problem was I used to laugh so much he couldn’t get his fingers in my mouth.

It was the Christmas special with the turkey over the head which finished me off.

By a marvellous bit of luck my new dentist specialises in nervous patients and just knowing that he acknowledges my fear and doesn’t despise me for it makes me feel brave.

He also has the most marvellously gentle yet confident hands. He’s rather good looking and one could have, you know, thorts

So that’s all great, because now I can get all the work I’ve been putting off for way too long fixed up at last. And if I do get freaked out, he’s going to clamp the gas and air on and I’ll be singing show tunes in no time.

I have a pair of stripey socks which I like to wear around the house. They make my cat psychotically jealous and he attacks my feet viciously every time I wear them. It’s really painful. The full moon is also setting him off and to get across the landing I had to throw something to distract him and then run.

It was the final of Great British Bake Off with darling Mary Berry and silverback hottie Paul Hollywood and my favourite baker, Nancy, won.

The red toffee sails on her Moulin Rouge windmill showstopper went round.

9 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. I just asked my 12 year old daughter to read this post. I was telling her that I loved your writing for the SMH when you were in Australia and she said “I know who you mean mum. You’ve got style notes on your bed side table.” I’m so happy my daughter is now reading your writing as it is wonderful. Den


      • Yes very familiar. 2 of my daughter’s friends have had their phones taken away from them for extensive periods. I still threaten her with confiscation. She doesn’t have instagram or Facebook yet ( or perhaps should that read, not that we know of.). I’m just reading your September posts now as we had school hols here and I agree with the comments made about boundaries and activities for 12 year olds.


      • Pegs has every bit of social media going (despite all my efforts to the contrary) and it has taken over her life. Not in a good way. I take the phone away a bit earlier each night… I have it by my desk to charge while she’s in bed and so many of her friends are still sending pointless messages at midnight.


  2. yes, that was the last time I had it, Leonie! I had my Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras CD playing disco tunes and I was as happy as a clam (until the next contraction AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH)


  3. Maggie, your post reminded me of a recent trip to the dentist. I was being fitted for a splint and somehow managed to bite both fingers of the dental nurse. After that, she was clearly apprehensive about putting her fingers in my mouth, which only served to make me laugh and her more nervous. We were both in stitches and managed to stuff up the imprint because we took too long to set it!!! Clearly I have no fear of the dentist, but perhaps the same cannot be said for them of me! I am also familiar with gas in labour – loved it. xx


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