Day 21

Holam Hunt East HillI’m on the committee of a campaign group working to get rid of a hideous illegal house which has been built right in the official Area of Outstanding of Natural Beauty in Hastings.

The people who’ve built it have also chopped down and lopped off loads of mature trees, making their caravan site hideously visible from many angles

We have a Facebook page called Save Ecclesbourne Glen, if you want to have a look.

It’s smack in the middle of the landscape seen in Holman-Hunt’s famous painting Lost Sheep.

Hills walked by many huge figures of British culture: Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Beatrix Potter, Edward Lear and Charles Dickens among them. Logie Baird got the idea for television walking up there.

The view is so spectacular it always brings tears to my eyes.


Today was the most beautiful October day I can ever remember, yet 60 people turned up to support us, including several town councillors and the Labour candidate for the general election.

I really like the people I’ve met on the campaign. I never would have met them in any other way and they’re great. Very smart, very funny, determined to see things put to right.

I’m exhausted and off to bed with the satisfying feeling of having done something worthwhile.

My husband now calls me Rainbow. As in Warrior…


One thought on “Day 21

  1. Well done on your support – what an eyesore.

    I had a similar “feeling” with a group of people I met on Sunday – I went to a Greens fundraiser clothes swap with Chloe. Being a judgemental person, I was expecting some really tragic stuff, but happily walked away with a smart black coat, tapestry shawl and summery voile top. And the people – lovely, smiley, informed, no bullshit. Refreshing.


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