Day 17


October didn’t get off to the greatest start.

I saw (on Instagram of all places) that a friend’s darling little dog had died. We all loved Puppy. He was her constant companion and it’s very hard to imager her without his little white head popping out of his special carry bag.

But then I looked at Twitter and @mudhousejane alerted me that it was World Ballet Day and that over the 24 hours they were live streaming five of the world’s great ballet companies doing company practice and rehearsals.

I’d already missed the Australian Ballet, but ate my breakfast watching the LOVE GODS of the Bolshoi Ballet leaping about in sweaty t shirts.

The toast-munching 12 year old Angelina Ballerina watching at my side went very quiet.

Best cheekbones since Nureyev.

I tuned in and out all day loving the Royal Ballet in their groovy rehearsal gear – one leg warmer was a good look – thinking how thrilling it will be to be able to picture them in there the next time I walk past their studios in Covent Garden.

I think I actually prefer watching ballet dancers rehearsing to the full stage productions. Their amazing spins and leaps are every more extraordinary when you see them in a real life context.

This dude is from the Canadian Ballet.


I’m still watching San Francisco Ballet now and when it’s all over I believe you’ll be able to watch it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Day 17

  1. I am so glad you both enjoyed it: I felt a bit cheeky sending you a direct tweet, but it was something not to be missed.

    For many years I took Chloe to all the Australian Ballet dress rehearsals in Melbourne. You are right – they can be even more enjoyable than the full productions, as are the classes.

    And please tell Peggy that her pirouettes and port de bras are quite impressive!


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