Day, er, 8

imagesI’ve enjoyed this so much I decided yesterday that I’m going to keep doing it – but then today was the first day at home after the really fun trip to Sweden.

Downer much?

The day started with no milk in the fridge and continued with all the usual homecoming down-to-earth-with-a-wallop stuff. Unpacked bags spilling their guts over the bedroom floor, piles of washing, brown envelopes and about three fun emails among 300 boring ones.

Add a trip to Lidl and I was really wondering what I was going to be positive about…

There was only one thing for it: Emergency Television. First I watched the Bake Off episode I missed two weeks ago, where they did the European cakes, including the amazing Princess Cake which I’ve just eaten in Sweden (more about all that in Red magazine later this year…).

Mary Berry looked at one of the kugels and said, in her wonderful warm voice: ‘The appearance is very attractive…’

Then a team from St Andrews was on University Challenge wearing their red gowns and it reminded me of all the business about hanging it off different shoulders depending which year you’re in. What was it again? Left down for second year, right for third year? Definitely both shoulders off for 4th year.

I’d forgotten about all that, bejants, academic children, Raisin Monday… so many quirky traditions. And I now live 12 doors down from Academic Father Alastair Fairley , which is very special all these years on.

Not such a bad day after all.

2 thoughts on “Day, er, 8

  1. it is so interesting how, on this day, after wondering what you were going to be positive about, you actively bloody-well found something… and it worked a treat.


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