Day 3

At 1.10 am I had a Skype call with the sales team of Harper Collins Australia. I did a show and tell about myself (featuring Manolo Blahnik shoes, a vintage alligator handbag and a photograph of my parents drinking champagne in 1966) and my new book. They seemed to like it.

From my dark office I looked into the computer screen and then out of the window of their conference room to the huge Australian sky.

It was the most beautiful day, hote enough to go to the beach. I couldn’t let myself do that, but I had have a lovely walk and stood watching leaves falling from a tree in Harald Road. The lady at the bus stop thought I was a nutter.

I was interviewed for German television about To Scotland With Love. When the interviewer asked me how I will feel if Scotland votes Yes on Thursday, I surprised myself by bursting into tears.

Peggy and I walked past the Crown and lots of lovely friends were sitting outside. I joined them and Peggy went down to Nicki’s house to hang out with Archie and Betsie. Then Nicki and I went back and she cooked us an amazing Thai curry she made up as she went along. Archie ate two birds eye chils and went very pink around the nose. Then he got a milk moustache.

These are the kind of times which later become the Good Old Days.

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