Day 10

9781743485378I have a horrible ear infection. I’m on antibiotics and feel rather unusual.

This afternoon I allowed myself to go to bed to finish Jane de Teliga’s wonderful book Running Away From Home. I loved it, it’s inspiring, funny and so so wise (and not just because she mentions me in it ha ha ha).

When I’d finished that I got stuck into Tasmina Perry’s latest novel, The Proposal. It’s the perfect snuggle up in bed read.

What lovely, talented pals I have.

I boiled up a chicken carcass and made chicken soup.

12 thoughts on “Day 10

    • Thanks Jan! have you read Jane’s wonderful book? I was already doing this and then there’s a fantastic section in it all about exactly this stuff – it chimed so perfectly. I’ll be over next year, hope to see you xxx


  1. I just wnt back and read all your posts. It’s a brilliant example of how writing a blog doesn’t have to go on and on about how ‘things’ make you happy – you can be happy just by engaging with the world. Loved it, every erudite, succinct word.


    • Gosh IG, that’s a really good point – and it hadn’t occurred to me. I am increasingly turned off by the BUY BUY BUY all around us (although I do love a little shopping and browsing from time to time, I’m still normal). It’s not the secret of happiness and I think for younger women constantly being told that they should aspire to £2000 handbags is actively toxic. And your use of the word ‘erudite’ in regard to the posts just might be one of today’s positives! xxx


  2. Dear Maggie, it always brightenes my day when you drop into my in box! I recently read Running away from home and loved it too.Please keep up these lovely blogs, they are such a joy to read


    • Thanks Lindy. Means a lot. I was finding the other blog a lot of work to keep up which is why I haven’t posted on it for a woefully long time, so I’m hoping this one will be more of a quick hit and easier to be regular with xxx


  3. Dear Maggie, sorry to hear that ear is playing up again (no pun intended) – hopefully it didn’t impact on your Scandinavian trip. Things to be grateful for and positive thinking – such solid corner stones for happiness and contentment. Like everything – positive thinking is a habit. Some of us have it from a very early age and it sticks, others need to constantly work on it, don’t we? So great you took the challenge and shared your daily voyages into positivity with your online friends. As ever you are an inspiration and I am always happy to see your contributions. Happy days. BX


  4. I won this in an instagram competition from Julie Gibbs and read it in one sitting- I really loved it. It’s a gorgeous book and I dis notice you were in a photo!


    • Jane’s book? I ADORED it. I knew I would love it because Jane is one of my very dearest pals and we worked together so happily for years, but I wasn’t expecting all the spiritual stuff in the book and it really spoke to me. HOW ARE YOU? xxxxxxx


      • Hi Maggie, sorry but this seems to be the only way I can contact you. I do hope you pick it up. I Just wanted to thank you for mentioning my book, Stitch Your own Silver Linings (on day 42). Would be delighted to gift a copy to you – to read after you have finished writing your novel, of course! Drop me a line at and thanks again.


      • Hi Christine, how lovely to hear from you and what a kind offer – but as one author to another I am going to BUY it! Hope all is well with you and that your work is reaching lots of people. very best regards Maggie x


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